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We can supply you with a fully configured System ready to install and use .

Start with the Basic System and then add options 

Options (available with Basic System purchase)
 In-Line Mount  $50.00
Longer Outdoor Cable @$0.46/foot
 hAP ac lite Dual band Router $85
In-Line cap.jpg

The In-Line mount cap adapters can use 

N-male antennas or N-Female antennas 

The antenna and a marine antenna mount  are not included with the In-Line Mount 

hAP ac Lite

Basic System Parts 

GrooveGA 52HPacn-US with configuration and Instructions


Dual Band Antenna 6dbi/8dbi 2.4ghz/5ghz

Gigabit POE

1 - AC/DC power supply 24 volt DC output

1 - 6 foot DC pigtail for direct connect to ships 12 volt buss

25 feet of outdoor CAT5e cable (see Longer Outdoor Cable in     "Options") for cable lengths greater than 25 feet.

7 foot CAT5e patch cable for trouble shooting 

1 - RJ45 coupler (female to female)

2 - Nylon cable ties for mounting the Groove to any vertical pole.  For        greater security you may want to use stainless hose clamps

GrooveGA 52ac.jpg

Basic System


In-Line mount.jpg