We can supply you with a fully configured System ready to install and use .

Start with a Basic System and then add options. 

We have 2 Basic Systems the Groove 52 Basic System  and the  Groove 52ac Basic system

The three options in the Options section below will work either of our Basic Systems

What is the difference between the Groove 52 and the Groove 52ac? 

The Groove 52ac is the newer of the 2 models.  The Groove 52ac is capable of using the a/b/g/n/ac wireless modes while the Groove 52 can only use the a/b/g/n wireless modes. 


What does this mean to you as a cruiser using public wifi?  The answer is "very little".  While the "ac" mode  on the Groove 52ac is technically capable of 433 Mbps (Mega bits per second) versus 150 Mbps for the "n" mode on the Groove 52 in reality you will rarely if ever encounter a public wifi system capable of providing a fraction of the maximum "n" mode speeds let alone "ac" mode.

If you have access to a private "ac" capable router such as when you dock your boat at your home dock in the off season then I definitely  recommend the Groove 52ac over the Groove 52 otherwise you won't see a difference in the 2.

Both Basic Systems consist of the same parts other than the Groove model 

A Basic System will allow you to connect your Groove to a single computer by ethernet cable. 

If you want to have wireless access to your system, as most people do,  you must use a wireless router.  The Groove can be plugged into any standard wireless router.  I offer a good commercial grade router in the Options section below or you can use any standard wireless router you purchase or already own.

Basic System Parts

Dual Band Antenna 6dbi/8dbi 2.4ghz/5ghz

Gigabit POE (used to provide DC power to the Groove)

1 - 6 foot DC pigtail for direct connect to ships 12 volt buss

1 - AC/DC power supply 24 volt DC output (for use if you prefer to use       your vessels AC power)

25 feet of outdoor CAT5e cable (see the Longer Outdoor Cable option       below for cable lengths greater than 25 feet.

7 foot CAT5e patch cable for trouble shooting 

1 - RJ45 coupler (female to female)

Groove 52 Basic System

In Stock 


GrooveGA 52ac.jpg




Groove Mounted on 

      vertical pole

Groove 52ac Basic System


12 volt DC Pigtail for powering from boats battery bank

AC/DC power supply for powering from boat AC system

Options (available with Basic System purchase)
 In-Line Mount  $50.00
Longer Outdoor Cable @$0.60/foot

 hAP ac lite Dual band Router $85

The antenna and a marine antenna mount  are not included with the In-Line Mount 

InLine Mount.jpg

In-Line Mount on Shakespeare extension pole

hAP ac Lite