All configurations are $20 and include instructions for installing the configuration and instructions for the use of the device after the installation.  Payment is through Paypal.  You do not need a Paypal account to pay by credit card.  Your configuration, installation instructions and user instructions will be attached in an email to you.

Mikrotik Configurations

All Configurations $20each

Mikrotik Configurations

All Configurations $20each


Buy a Mikrotik Groove or Router  Configuration.  Click on the Model you want the configuration for.

Installation Instructons and User Instructions Included

Mikrotik configurations for:

Groove/GrooveA 52HPn

Groove/GrooveGA 52ac


hAPac/hAPac Lite

Ubiquiti Configurations

All Configurations $20each


Buy a Ubiquiti Bullet/Titanium M2 or Nanostation Configuration.  Click on the Model you want the configuration for.

Ubquiti configurations for:

BulletM2/Bullet Titanium


Configuration Information 

If you intend to build and maintain your wifi system you should have a computer with an ethernet port.  There are some things that can't be done, or at least not easily done, without a wired connection during the initial setup.   

Ubiquiti and Mikrotik have some utility programs that will help solve problems you may encounter during a configuration.  You should learn to use theUbiquiti Discovery Tool  or the depending on which hardware you are working with . 


The Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool requires Java to run.   I find the Discovery Tool to be most useful for accessing a device that is at factory defaults.   A new Bullet or one that has been reset to factory defaults is not giving out IP addresses.  This normally requires setting your computer ethernet port to a static IP of where "xxx" is any number between 1 & 254 except 20 and a Netmask of  This will allow you to access the Bullet using in your browser.  You can then go in and configure your Bullet.  When you are done you will normally have to remember to set your computer ethernet back to getting DHCP automatically.

By using the Discovery tool you can avoid making and then undoing the changes to your Computer ethernet detailed in the paragraph above.


Winbox.exe is a Windows program but is available in Mac versions that are wrapped in Wine.  Google "winbox.exe for mac" to see sources for the Mac version.

My configurations for the Groove expect that you have upgraded your Groove to the lastest routerOS version and are using Mikrotik Winbox.exe program for the configuration.  Instructions for doing an update as part of the configuration installation will be included with each configuration.